Currently seeking a job/internship as a level designer or game designer.

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Save the Date_

  • Created level design maps and obstacle designs for an obstacle platformer
  • Level Designer in charge of conceptions and obstacles for mechanics
  • Playable found on Steam

Sudden Depth_

  • Producer and Level Designer for a Vertical Slice of an Isometric Strategy Game.
  • 16 levels created for tile-based strategic combat.
  • Managed an 11 person team from April to August.

Pale Ail_

  • Designed a custom level for Left 4 Dead 2 under the Hammer Editor
  • First map of 4 completed over the Summer of 2020. Full campaign to come.

Farmed & Dangerous_

  • Level Designer and Economics Designer
  • Designed a 1v1 competitive local real time strategy level
  • Designed the tutorial level to help teach the player mechanics and utility load-out
  • Playable found on (2-player controller game)

Belgium Lawful_

  • Designed a contained level focused on stealth
  • The level incorporates three different methods of entering the Tower: aggressive, pacifist, and stealth

More to come!

More levels in the works