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Sudden Depth_

  • Producer and Level Designer for a Vertical Slice of an Isometric Strategy Game.
  • 16 levels created for tile-based strategic combat.
  • Managed an 11 person team from April to August.

Save the Date_

  • Created level design maps and obstacle designs for an obstacle platformer
  • Level Designer in charge of concepts and obstacles for mechanics
  • Playable found on Steam

Pale Ail_

  • Designed a custom level for Left 4 Dead 2 under the Hammer Editor
  • First map of 4 completed over the Summer of 2020. Full campaign to come.

Farmed & Dangerous_

  • Level Designer and Economics Designer
  • Designed a 1v1 competitive local real time strategy level
  • Designed the tutorial level to help teach the player mechanics and utility load-out
  • Playable found on itch.io (2-player controller game)

Belgium Lawful_

  • Designed a contained level focused on stealth
  • The level incorporates three different methods of entering the Tower: aggressive, pacifist, and stealth

Going Vogue_

  • Designed a level layout submission focused on stealth, similar to ‘Belgium Lawful’
  • The level is themed around an urban art museum, where a player can utilize art pieces as make-shift weapons or distractions
  • The goal is to reach the contact, before opposing forces do on the eve of an exhibit opening

More to come!

Examples of more levels and games in the works

High-Stakes – A gravity shifting 2D action-platformer, parodying Gothic literature

Drawback – A top-down rogue-like focused on cursed weaponry

An untitled Team Fortress 2 Map – A map designed for ‘King of the Hill’ multiplayer